More than 30 years' experience in making peptides.

Founded in 1989, with more than 30 years’ experience in Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis, we are still leading the manufacture of peptides and continue to broaden our range of activities.
Our portfolio includes Generic peptides, New Chemical Entities, the production of Neoantigen peptides and Cosmetic peptides.

In 2008, due to the growth of BCN Peptides the building of a new site was required, where all the facilities were moved to Sant Quintí de Mediona (in the surroundings of Barcelona) to scale up and automate the synthetic process (Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis, reverse-phase high pressure liquid purification and freeze drying) and to work in a multipurpose approach to give quick solutions to our customers.

Since 2020, BCN Peptides is executing a big investment for the expansion of our manufacturing site in Sant Quintí de Mediona. A completely new manufacturing plant has been built to accommodate the Peptide-base Personalized Medicine laboratory (PPM) and also an increase of our manufacturing capacity for multi-kg batches. With this investment, BCN peptides consolidates its position as a leading company in the Peptide supply arena offering more flexibility and competitiveness than ever before.