Milestones BCN-3

BCN Peptides was founded in the year 1989 by two entrepreneurs, Dr. Antonio Parente and Dr. Jose MaríaGarcía-Antón. Originally under the name of Lipotec Peptide Department, the company developed Solid Phase Synthesis Technology for the manufacture of Bioactive Peptides for Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Cosmetic applications.

In the beginning, BCN Peptides was focused on the manufacturing of Generic Peptides as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). BCN Peptides first business strategy was based on commercial manufacturing of Generic Peptides. The company started selling in Europe where it is nowadays very well positioned in the Generic peptide market, being the only producer of sterile grade peptides, and rapidly internationalized to the most regulated markets like US, Canada, Japan, China or Korea among others.  As consequence of this work, BCN Peptides holds 6 Certificates from the European Pharmacopoeia (CEP), from which 2 are for Sterile Grade Peptide.

Over the years, the company has broadened its range of activities and it also offers Custom Manufacturing Service: the manufacturing of new proprietary peptides tailor-made for Biotech and Big Pharma. Since the creation of the Custom Manufacturing line of services, BCN Peptides has provided specialized technological, documental and industrial support to Pharmaceutical or Biotech companies with their peptide in pre-clinical and clinical development, with experience in all Clinical Phases. BCN Peptides produces for them from gram-scale batches, for the preclinical and clinical phases, to Kg batches, for the commercialization of the final drug. Our objective is to maintain long-term partner relationships with our clients, lead companies and small Biotech companies with high potential, by potentiating allegiance and loyalty.

In 2005, the Lipotec Peptide Department became BCN Peptides, an independent SME exclusively dedicated to the GMP manufacture of peptides. The growth potential of BCN Peptides required the building of a new site. Thus, one of the latest big challenges addressed by the company involved the strategic decision to design and build a new facility with state of the art technologies. It was conceived to scale up and automate the synthetic process (solid phase peptide synthesis, reverse-phase high pressure liquid purification and freeze drying) and to work in a multipurpose approach to give quick solutions to our customers. In 2008, BCN Peptides moved all the activities to its new facilities in Sant Quintí de Mediona in the Barcelona area. Since then, the manufacturing capacity has been increased 10-fold.

For many years, BCN Peptides has achieved compliance to the highest Quality Standards required for the strongly regulated pharmaceutical market, again confirmed after moving to the new facilities. Our activities always follow strict GMP Compliance. BCN Peptides has been inspected and approved by the US FDA (2006, 2010 and last in 2012) EDQM (2004)/ AEMPS (2008 and 2011) / PMDA Japan (2013), different National Authorities Worldwide and Top Ten Major Pharmaceutical Companies. Each audit and inspection successfully passed is a recognition and a milestone in the career of the company.

The latest milestones accomplished have been to be authorized as Pharmaceutical Laboratory for two new additional Activities: Quality Control of Final Drug Product (in 2010) and Pharmaceutical Company for the Production of Sterile Peptides (in 2011).