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Where can BCN Peptides assist your peptide project?

BCN Peptides is an industrial manufacturer with the capacity to produce from milligram to multi-kg batches of pharmaceutical peptides.
We are experts in the synthesis of long and complex New Chemical Entities.
BCN Peptides ensures the highest qualities and shortest times thanks to our experience in the manufacturing of peptides for all clinical phases, from pre-clinical to phase I, II, III and commercial stage.
Our facility has been specially designed by BCN Peptides applying our expert know-how in Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis. Moreover since 2020 our site is in expansion with a new manufacturing plant to increase our multi kg batch capacity.

We are experts in the use of different chemical peptide synthesis technologies as Sequential synthesis, Convergent or Hybrid Synthesis (Solid- and Liquid- phase combined) and Chemical Ligation. We use different peptide synthesis systems, as manual or automated, both for small and large scale synthesis of peptides and we are specialists in long sequences and cyclic peptides.

Peptide-related technologies

N- and C- terminal modifications
Backbone modifications
Non-natural Amino Acids
Cyclic peptides
Multiple Disulfide Bond
Chemical Ligation
Click Chemistry
And many more

BCN Peptides has experienced Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs departments, which guarantee comprehensive quality services and support in all phases of a drug’s life cycle. We will ensure that your NCE can be compiled and filed in full compliance with the strictest international standards.

SARS-COV-2 peptide tools available

Available now SARS-COV-2 peptide tools in BCN Peptides. Mapping of wild type SARS-COV-2 proteins S, M, N, E and a variety of ORF with stock available of 10 and 20 mer peptides in multimiligram quantities and high purities

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